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Viewpoint - Radio Havana Cuba - 13 September 2001



There is no joy here in Cuba at the events of Tuesday. No one is
cheering or holding impromptu block parties to celebrate the most
astonishing act of terrorism in history against what has been for
Cuba an implacable enemy for 40 years. There is, instead, a profound
feeling of shock, revulsion and compassion and very real apprehension
about the cries for vengeance that emanate from every corner of the
White House and the US Congress.

The most powerful nation on earth has been put on a war footing and
history has taught us all what to expect when Washington starts
waving the cudgel self-righteously. The families of almost a million
Japanese, four million Koreans, three million Vietnamese, and
thousands of Iraqis and Yugoslavians can all attest to what occurs
when the Oval Office scrambles its bombers.

It is hard to avoid the obvious accusation that an editorial such as
this will be viewed as a cheap shot against a weakened United States,
but there is an urgent need to respond to staggering and
inconceivable statements from US politicians and people calling for
the use of nuclear, biological and chemical weapons in an almost
triumphal assertion that this is their first war of the 21st century.

The sabre rattling is deafening and very frightening to us all. US
mainstream media is stirring the hatred by airing statements from
people "on the street" calling for an immediate strike, an immediate
all-out war against the "enemy." But who is the "enemy?"

The enemy are successive Washington administrations that have for
more than five decades promoted terrorism on an enormous scale across
the globe.

Administrations that have trained international military personnel in
techniques of torture and terrorism in its meek-sounding School of
the Americas.

Administrations that have for 40 years permitted and supported
terrorist attacks against its island neighbor whose only crime was to
advocate a different socio-political system. Administrations that
introduced the world to nuclear holocaust, to carpet bombing, to
horrendous use of phosphorous and napalm bombs.

Administrations that maintain an economic blockade that is directly
responsible for the loss of hundreds of thousands of Iraqi children's
lives. Administrations that support one of the most repressive,
brutal and racist regimes on earth with massive flows of money and
weapons to use against the Palestinian people. Administrations that
financed the Latin American dictatorships of the eighties and then
later "apologized" for some of the unspeakable crimes they committed
in the name of "democracy."

Tuesday was the anniversary of the US sponsored coup in Chile in
which a legitimately elected government was brought down with extreme
violence. The man behind this event and the covert wars within
Cambodia and Argentina, Henry Kissinger, is one of those that today
clamour for a "tough and decisive" response to the attacks in New
York and Washington, who clamours for a blind war against an
invisible enemy.

Few doubt that Washington has just suffered the consequences of its
actions across the globe. Even if Osama Bin Laden is found to be
responsible, the people of the US should know that he was previously
trained and used by the CIA in its war against the former government
of Afghanistan. George W. Bush will seek to take the war to another
part of the globe where more civilians can pay for the death of US
civilians without their blood and disfigured bodies being shown on
CNN.No solution will be forthcoming in the destruction of those deemed
responsible. The enemy will still be there because the enemy comes
from within. The CIA supported Noriega, Marcos, Sukarno, the Shah,
Idi Amin, Mobuto, the Contra, Pinochet, the Argentinian generals,
d'Aubuison, Somoza, Batista, Stroessner et al - the list is long and
represents the obliteration of hundreds of thousands of civilian
lives. In Panama 2,000, in Nicaragua 30,000, in El Salvador 75,000,
in Guatemala over 150,000, in Indonesia 300,000.

The people of the US can surely no longer remain immune from the
terrorism their governments provoke, promote and tolerate in their
name. After the rage, the hatred, and the clamouring for vengeance
have subsided, the time for reflection must come. War should be
declared on the real threats to humanity: AIDS, racism,
neo-colonialism, ruthless free market profiteering and Washington's
"democracy" of domination.

That way the poverty and desperation that creates the kind of hatred
of the US that leads to such unspeakable acts of terrorism will be
avoided. The security and welfare of the United States clearly
depends on social justice for all. There must be a change in this US
psyche of isolation and pre-eminence or we shall all be brought to
the brink of disaster once more.

The people of Cuba indeed share in the pain and distress of their
neighbors, but at the same time they are reminded of the fact that
five of their own were recently found guilty in a Florida court for
combating this very same kind of despicable terrorism that has so
stupefied the world after its use against the US.

The chickens have come home to roost and there is no smugness or
satisfaction in saying it -- just very sincere anxiety for what may

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