Short History Lesson For Eduardo

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Sun Sep 16 21:08:41 MDT 2001

In one of your posts, you made the claim that Hitler was an atheist. If
you take the time to read _Mein Kampf_, you will find this claim hard to

If you don't have the stomach for that book, there is a short essay over
at by Doug Krueger, entitled "Coping with Copan". He has
a short but comprehensive section on "The Furor Over the Feuhrer",
citing many public quotes showing Hitler's militaristic and Puritanic
Christianity which the Nazis called "practical Christianity".  If you are
familiar with only the liberal versions of Christianity, this essay will
be a bit of a shock to you. Both the Old and the New Testaments support an
appalling amount of barbarism and atrocity; for instance, the genocide in
Chapter 15 of the First book of Samuel, and the bloodlust of Jeremiah
48:10 and Luke 19:27.

You might also want to check out the recently published _Hitler's Pope_,
detailing the extensive co-operation of the Vatican with fascism in both
Italy and Germany. As for the Protestant Churches, most of them conformed
to the requirements of the Reichskirk, the Nazi umbrella organization that
co-ordinated co-operation between the Protestant churches and the Nazi
regime. The German Evangelical Congress of 1933 narrowly voted against
supporting Hitler by only a third of the vote.

A related, and increasingly influential, version of extreme rightwing
Christianity can be found at Look for their
essay on "Christian Reconstructionism".

If you are a fan of Liberation Theology, you might want to check out the
history of the suppression of this movement by Pope Jean Paul II. He was
just as ruthless about suppressing this section of the Latin Church as he
had been in denouncing Communism in Poland. You might also note that Jesus
was not a revolutionary - Mark 14:7 says the poor will be here always.

Joan Cameron

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