Fwd (GLW): Mobilise the power of mass action: march on CHOGM

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The following article is from the current issue of Green Left Weekly

Mobilise the power of mass action: march on CHOGM

In the wake of the terrorist bombings in New York and Washington there has
been pressure to cancel planned protests against the Commonwealth Heads of
Government Meeting in Brisbane next month.

The CHOGM Action Network (CAN) has confirmed that its People's March on
CHOGM will go ahead. A peaceful mass march for global justice, against
racism and war will provide a counterweight to the politics of bigotry, fear
and violence that are being peddled by mainstream politicians and the
corporate media.

In recent weeks Brisbane has come alive with anti-corporate globalisation
activity, abuzz with public meetings, planning and training sessions,
briefings, media conferences, seminars, conferences and e-groups. A web of
activists from a vast array of political and community organisations has
been activated to oppose CHOGM's support for policies that protect the
interests of transnational corporations at the expense of social justice,
human rights and sustainable life on Earth.

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