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Not unless oil sells for US$100/ barrel, which is highly unlikely in the
next decade, even if there is war which will unleash the US petroleum
reserve.  Neo-liberal market fundamentalism has manged to push oil to
$10 a barrel until last year.  Now at $25 a barrel, it is still below
1973 price after adjusted for inflation.  There is no economic inventive
for alternative fuel.

Henry C.K. Liu

Louis Proyect wrote:

> This is a question for Mark Jones and anyone else on
> this list thinking about rapid depletion of fossil
> fuel resources - and the disaster that implies for
> human society.
> What about electricity generated from sources other
> than fossil fuels?
> 1. Geothermal. The Earth's core is not about to cool
> down very soon, and could be tapped to make artificial
> geysers.
> 2. Tidal. The moon is unlikely to drift away, so the
> tides are here to stay. The technology isn't very
> different than hydroelectric generation, although more
> expensive at first. Uneconomic in competition with
> cheap oil, but oil will not be cheap for long.
> Supplemented by wind power, and maybe even nuclear
> power.
> Could it work, technically - putting aside the issues
> of the self interest of those who have invested in
> fossil fuel technology? Putting aside the politics of
> the moment. Putting aside the class struggle and
> everything else, and just focusing on the technical
> posibilities.
> Can we replace the amount of calories burned now, with
> electricity from the above sources in the next 10 to
> twenty years?
> All the best, Anthony
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> Louis Proyect, lnp3 at on 09/16/2001
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