Symbolism of the attacks on NYC & the Pentagon

Paddy Apling e.c.apling at
Mon Sep 17 04:04:13 MDT 2001

The war-like statements of Bush and Blair in response to the devastating
attacks on NYC and the Pentagon show a complete misunderstanding (possibly -
or even probably - intentionally) of the the symbolism involved in the

I have attempted to understand the reasoning which can have led this small
number of unknowns to plan and carry out attacks involving their own suicide
and the killing of thousands of [from OUR, Western, point of view - not,
presumably, theirs] innocent by-standers, and come to the following

Presumably those involved imagine(d) they will receive their reward in
heaven from Allah (or whatever the name of their deity) for a crucial and
suicidal attack on what they see (saw) as the major evils in the world
today, namely the power of finance capital and the power of the military, as
exemplified in the two vast buildings of the World Trade Center and the
Pentagon.  And their message to Washington, New York and London is something
like this:

You imagine that your control of the wealth of the world, through your
preponderant ownership of finance capital and control of world trade and
your apparently overwhelming military capability, with armaments more than
sufficient to destroy human life throughout the world, will last forever -
but we few, self-styled and self-appointed, representatives of the exploited
and oppressed, can readily demonstrate that all that money and all those
weapons cannot keep you immune from retribution; and that all your military,
technological and financial power can readily be put at nought by a few
determined, self-sacrificing, individuals.

Furthermore, the aftermath will demonstrate, that if your only response is
to deploy your, apparently overwhelming, military might against those
countries you hate, because they refuse to bow down to your attempted
dominion of the world, you will lead yourselves to the catastrophe you so
deserve (remember Vietnam !!).  (and perhaps, incidentally, to comment -
your aviators bombing across the world run no personal risk - as, in
contrast - we sacrifice our own lives).

It is terribly unfortunate, and a terrible lesson for us all, that this
grouping regard ordinary citizens of the United States as inextricably
implicated in what they see as the tremendous evil of global capitalism and
American (and its subaltern British) military might - but it does make clear
that without vast changes in the way the world is run - the world divide
threatens us all with cataclysm.

Our heartfelt sympathy with the innocent victims of the attack on NYC, must
be tempered with the understanding that the pronouncing a "war against
terrorism" can only bring us nearer to cataclysm....

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