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Washington, D.C., September 12/PRNEWSWIRE/ -- According to Robert David
Steele, founder of OSS Inc., 25-year veteran of the U.S. national security
community and author of ON INTELLIGENCE: Spies and Secrecy in an Open World
(AFCEA, 2000): "The national discussion of what America should do in the
aftermath of the tragic airline hijackings and deliberate kamikaze dives
into landmark buildings appears all too naïve and limited. Contrary to
official statements, U.S. forces are not ready, not trained, and not
equipped to deal with asymmetric warfare."

"Modern war is not a multiple-choice test with one right answer," Steele
says. "Many of us, from Winn Schwartau on information warfare to Ralph
Peters on rogue warriors to GI Wilson on fourth generation warfare to
myself on non-traditional threats, have been saying for close to a decade
that we have the wrong force structure, no strategy, a poor understanding
of the 21st century threat environment, and an intelligence community that
is over-invested in secret satellite collection and inadequate with respect
to multi-lateral burden-sharing agreements, serious clandestine operations,
multi-lingual analysis, all-source processing, and access to open sources
of information."

According to Steele, it is essential that the President and Congress avoid
making three fundamental mistakes in the near future. They should not: 1)
militarize the war on terrorism; 2) throw new money at intelligence without
demanding fundamental reform; and 3) lose sight of the longer-term
fundamentals. On this latter point, Steele stresses again and again that,
"We cannot lose sight of the strategic fundamentals. America lives in a
closed international system--there is only one earth and we are liquidating
that one earth at a frightening pace, heedless of the stress and anguish
that this imposes on the billions of Africans, Arabs, Chinese, Indians, and
Russians whom we are literally abusing from a distance. Before we act
precipitously, it is essential that we reconstruct our global intelligence
architecture and our global diplomatic architecture--America is a strong
country, we can afford to be patient."

The following references are respectfully provided to the American public
and the policymakers who serve our public, as well as the media, in hopes
that this turning point in our national understanding will result in a
mature, holistic, and strategic redirection of how we invest in the varied
instruments of national power, and how we formulate and resource our
foreign policy.

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