Israeli Forces Make Several Incursions and shell Jenin

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Israeli Forces Make Several Incursions and shell Jenin;

Eleven Palestinians Killed

September 12, 2001

While the world is preoccupied with the tragic incidents in the United
States, Israel has launched an official media campaign of hatred
accusing Palestinians and Arabs of involvement in the hideous
onslaught on the World Trade Center in New York and the Pentagon in

Meanwhile, Israeli troops continued to attack Palestinian civilians in
the West Bank town of Jenin, shelling civilian homes using artillery
shells and heavy automatic gunfire. Apache helicopters were also used
in the Israeli onslaught firing air-to-land missiles on Araba and
Tamoun in the district of Jenin. At present the death toll of the
Israeli overnight aggression in the occupied Palestinian territories
is 11.

According to information gathered by LAW's researchers, Israeli forces
positioned approximately 60 tanks and armored carriers in addition to
a large number of troops on Monday evening, September 10, around Jenin
and the town's refugee camp. The Israeli troops imposed a strict
military siege over the town and randomly shelled it during the early
hours of Tuesday morning destroying all police posts. The shelling was
followed by Israeli troop incursions into the Palestinian-ruled town.

Eleven Israeli tanks made an incursion into the southern part of Jenin
in areas under Palestinian control and dug a trench in the middle of
the road. A truck parked on the side of the road was also
destroyed. At the northwestern entrance of Jenin, eight Israeli tanks
made another incursion into Palestinian controlled areas. A further
six tanks made an incursion into the western part of the Palestinian
town and erected a sand barrier blocking the entrance to Jenin refugee
camp. An additional three tanks invaded the eastern part of the town
destroying a police post there.

The Israeli onslaught, which faced Palestinian resistance, resulted in
the death of two Palestinian civilians and the injuring of 14.

LAW's Jenin researcher stated that on Tuesday evening, Israeli tanks
stationed at the northwestern part of Jenin fired three artillery
shells on a group of Palestinians killing Iyad Al Masri, 18, and
Ibraheem Fayed, 22, who were both fatally wounded by shrapnel.

The following were wounded:

1. Nabeel Sabah, 15, seriously wounded in the chest
2. Omar Nirat, 21, seriously wounded in the back
3. Ihab Statiyi, 15, shrapnel wounds
4. Mohammad Eed, 20, shrapnel wounds
5. Mustafa Abu Sariyi, 12, shrapnel wounds
6. Ahmad Abu Baker, 19, shrapnel wounds
7. Yusif Ghareeb, 20, shrapnel wounds
8. Khaleel Sabana, 20, shot in the chest
9. Mohammad Abu Rmaili, 27, shrapnel wounds
10. Fadil Masharfa, 19, shrapnel wounds
11. Amjad Zakarni, 19, shot in the left leg
12. Amjad Abu Sariyi, 21, shot in the left leg
13. Mohanad Wishahi, 19, shrapnel wounds in the head
14. Ali Awees, 19, shrapnel wound in the right eye

Random shelling of Palestinian homes intensified overnight and further
incursions were made into the eastern, western, and southern parts of
the town. Fifteen Israeli tanks made an incursion into the town center
and blew away the governor's offices. Explosive devices were planted
in a police station as they withdrew.

Mohanad Abu Al Haija, 25, was pronounced dead this morning at
hospital, where he was admitted after an Israeli artillery shell hit
his home.

At 3.00 a.m., Israeli tanks headed to Tamoun and helicopters landed
commando forces in the southern part of the town. Israeli forces then
opened fire on Lieutenant Thaer Mahdawi, 28, killing him instantly.
Captain Ibraheem Jaber, 42 arrived to inspect the scene. Jaber and his
colleagues were met with Israeli fire that killing him and Lieutenant
Shaher Auda, 28, from Tamoun.

Furthermore, Israeli troops made an incursion into Tamoun and
bulldozed Mohammad Bsharat's house (Bsharat was assassinated by
Israeli forces early July this year.) The troops also knocked down a
bridge, the only entrance to the town. Israeli gunships were used in
the onslaught and two missiles were fired on Fawaz Bani Auda's house
destroying it completely.  A further three missiles were fired at a
Palestinian police post.

The following were injured in the Israeli attack:

1. Mohammad Sawafta, 29, a policemen, shot in the side
2. Hasan Abdul Razik, 27, a policemen, shot in the leg
3. Amer Abu Ara, 27, a policemen, shot in the leg and abdomen
4. Mahmoud Dababat, 26, a policemen, shot in the foot
5. Mohammad Daraghma, 35, a policemen, shrapnel wounds
6. Hasan Daraghma, 26, a policemen wounded by shrapnel
7. Khaldoon Abu Al Hana, shot in the leg
8. Anwar Bsharat, shot in the arms
9. Raed Sawafta, shrapnel wounds
10. Ibraheem Nasar, shrapnel wounds
11. Ziyad Abu Ara, shrapnel wounds
12. Marof Ghanam, shrapnel wounds
13. Hussein Abu Ara, shot in the back
14. Afeef Abu Ara, shot in the arms
15. Samer Abu Ara, shot in the chest, in critical condition
16. Mohammad Ghanam, shot in the right arm
17. Fayiz Abu Ara, shrapnel wounds in the back

On Wednesday morning, Israeli troops, tanks, and gunships attacked
Araba in Jenin, shelling a police post and Naim Iz Al Deen's house
killing three Palestinian civilians:

1. Wael Asaf, 20, an Islamic Jihad activist
2. Balkees Asaf, 9, Wael's sister
3. Asad Daka, 25, an Islamic Jihad activist

Sufyan Arda, 28, was critically wounded in the Israeli attack; he was
arrested by Israeli troops and taken to an unknown location.

Israeli troops continued to shell Jenin well into midday Wednesday,
wounding Adila Zeidan, 38, while in her kitchen.

Early Wednesday morning Israeli troops committed another cold-blooded
murder when they opened fire on a civilian car. The identity of the
victim is still unknown. The crime is similar to an incident that
occurred Tuesday when Israeli soldiers opened fire on a Palestinian
car in Deir Al Balah killing Mohammad Abu Shakfa, 23.

LAW strongly condemns the Israeli aggression against Palestinian
civilians and calls on the international community to immediately
intervene and stop the Israeli aggression and urge Israel to implement
the 4th Geneva Convention of 1949 in the occupied Palestinian

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