Statement from UAW local in solidarity w/ Arab-Americans

John Cox hazel_motes52 at
Mon Sep 17 09:13:36 MDT 2001

This is from a United Auto Workers local in Detroit.

A friend of mine here in Berlin said that his union local held a
minute of silence in sympathy with the victims of Tuesday's attacks;
my friend proposed an additional minute of silence for the thousands
of Iraqis who die each week due to the effects of the embargo, and
this was agreed upon without dissent.


September 13, 2001

Dear UAW Friends:

This letter is addressed to our Arab American co-workers at the Ford
Rouge and other plants. We are writing as individual Local 600
members.  We do not speak for anyone else.

We mourn the 5,000 people killed in the September 11 attacks.  At the
same time, we are concerned about the situation of Arab Americans.  As
we mourn innocent victims of the attack, there is the danger of Arab
Americans also becoming innocent victims.  There are reports from
around the U.S. about serious problems experienced by Arab Americans
and Muslims and their institutions, or by those who are perceived to
be Arab Americans or to be Muslims.

As activists in Local 600, we want to be informed about problems
experienced by UAW members who are, or who are perceived to be Arab
Americans or Muslims.  We want to help provide support for people
affected by problems like these.

We as individuals would like to assist in any way that we can.  You ca

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