Bush: Wrathful, Shadowy, and Inventive War

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Mon Sep 17 09:20:53 MDT 2001

The list of targetted nations and populations expands: now it includes
those who "fail to join the crusade against terrorism."  This is
excerpted from today's NYTimes; the URL is at the bottom.


Bush Warns of a Wrathful, Shadowy and Inventive War


WASHINGTON, Sept. 16 — A day after proclaiming flatly that the nation
was "at war," President Bush and his senior advisers took pains to
warn Americans today that it would be a war unlike any other, fought
in the shadows, testing the patience of the public and leaders alike,
but that nations failing to join the crusade would face the "full
wrath of the United States," as Vice President Dick Cheney put it.

"This is a new kind of evil," Mr. Bush said at the White House after a
weekend war council with senior aides at Camp David, "and we
understand, and the American people are beginning to understand, this
crusade, this war on terrorism, is going to take a while, and the
American people must be patient."

"We will rid the world of the evil- doers," Mr. Bush said, adding a
moment later, "They have roused a mighty giant, and make no mistake
about it, we're determined."

As if to acknowledge the surreal sense of both tumult and Sunday calm
in the capital, Mr. Bush added: "Oh, there will be times when people
don't have this incident on their minds; I understand that.  There'll
be times down the road where citizens will be concerned about other
matters, and I completely understand that. But this administration,
along with those friends of ours who are willing to stand with us all
the way through, will do what it takes to rout terrorism out of the

Mr. Cheney warned that the coming conflict would have to be fought "in
the shadows" with the help of unsavory intelligence sources, and
despite a 1976 executive order banning assassinations by the
government, said he saw nothing to prevent the United States from
killing Mr. bin Laden if it could find him. Asked by the "Meet the
Press" moderator, Tim Russert, if he would like Mr. bin Laden's "head
on a platter," Mr. Cheney replied, "I would take it today."  In other
ways, change was clearly in the wind. Attorney General John Ashcroft
met with leading legislators to seek support for an emergency package
of antiterrorism bills, including one that calls for a significant
expansion of the Justice Department's ability to use wiretaps in cases
of suspected terrorism or espionage. Under the proposal, investigators
would have broad authority to conduct so-called roving electronic
surveillance of suspected terrorists as they moved from one telephone
or computer terminal to another.  Other elements call for new
authority to fight money-laundering and punish those who harbor
terrorists.  Secretary of Defense Donald H. Rumsfeld, speaking on "Fox
News Sunday," said simply, "It's a new kind of war," adding: "It will
be political, economic, diplomatic, military. It will be
unconventional, what we do."


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