I will give the turd an opportunity (thanks for vocabulary, Gary)

Gorojovsky Gorojovsky at arnet.com.ar
Mon Sep 17 16:59:32 MDT 2001

En relación a answer from someone speaking from " the exuberanc, 
el 16 Sep 01, a las 21:30, Eduardo Enriquez dijo:

> Mr. Nestor
> has in many times defended a charachter like Juan
> Peron which is not seen in good eyes by most leftist
> and certainly not latin american ones and also within
> argentina itself

At least once, I agree with this piece of stinking shit. But the question is, 
then, "why do workers see him in good eyes"?  If you can give a sound, Marxist, 
explanation to this, Enriquez, you can begin to raise a tenth of a millimeter 
in any Marxist's consideration. 

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