Brazilian students retracts CNN charge

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[There was a chain of three or four forwarded to headers here that I've
eliminated. I have no idea who the BK that signed the intro is.

[With this, I think we can put to rest the discussion around this false
charge, and perhaps focus more broadly on how the mainstream news
organizations have been reporting on events since September 11. For example,
although the video of a few Palestinians celebrating is real, as far as can
be determined, Palestinian spokeswoman Hanan Ashrawi charged that the way it
was played up by and repeated over and over by major news organizations
presented a completely false picture of the real reaction of most of the
Palestinian people, which was the same as that of people all over the world.

[And to give another example: even though there is clearly a WAVE of
terrorist attacks against Arabs and Muslims in the United States, these are
barely being reported, and when they are, the focus is entirely on official
statements to the effect that the government is against this and putting a
stop to it, as if the government had not created this wave of hysteria and
wasn't continuing to feed it with all sorts of irresponsible, speculative
statements that there might still be terrorist cells in operation and so on.
And as if the media was totally innocent in all of this.


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Forwarded Message:

  ...and finally a disclaimer from the source.


  The following message was posted today on the website of
  the Independent Media Centre in Israel:

  It is a retraction of the original report concerning CNN
  falsification of video images.


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  Dear all,

  Last September 13, I've sent an email to a social theory list in which
  I provided some information about the falsity of the images of
  Palestinian celebration for the terrorism in USA, information given to
  me by a teacher. I spent the last day looking for that teacher, and,
  unfortunately, when I found her, she DENIED having access to such

  She said that she was sure she had seen the images back in 1991, but
  SHE CAN'T PROVE. She was not willing to provide further information,
  DENYING what she had said before to a full class of students.

  I sincerely apologize for this uncertain information; unfortunately I
  can't prove the information contained in my last post; IT'S ONLY A
  bought the idea myself, and reproduced it for you because of the
  importance of it, in the case it was to be confirmed.

  Whatever news I get I'll pass to you.

  Best regards

  Márcio A. V. Carvalho
  State University of Campinas - Brazil

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