China's stance, and "hesitation" in the ranks

Lou Paulsen wwchi at
Tue Sep 18 07:11:15 MDT 2001

China Sets Terms for Backing
U.S. War on Terror

BEIJING (Reuters) - China demanded U.S. support
for its own struggle against ``terrorism and
separatism'' -- shorthand for groups that include
Taiwan independence advocates and the Tibetan
Dalai Lama -- in return for backing a U.S.-led war
on terrorism.

Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhu Bangzao also said
China was prepared to discuss any proposals to
combat international terrorism at the United Nations
(news - web sites) Security Council, where it
wields a veto as one of five permanent members.

But he insisted any military action in retaliation for
last week's attacks on the United States would have
to be based on ''concrete evidence,'' should not hurt
innocent people and should be conducted within
international law.

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One hardly dares to express optimism at a time like this, but I think this
is a positive development.  These demands - concrete evidence, not hurting
innocent people, conducting the affair within international law - are going
to be seen as a bucket of cold water in the face of the crazier war
planners, IMVHO.

They are not having it all their own way, in their rush toward a years-long
war with thousands of civilian casualties.  See these articles about the
'hesitation' of some countries and leaders -
including Mubarak!!  and Blair!!

This should all be a spur to us all who are trying to organize anti-war
actions in our cities, and in DC on Sept. 29, and after.  We are not trying
to stand in the way of a runaway train and get crushed for no purpose.  The
train is only now starting to move, and the questions of how far it moves,
and how fast, and on what track, are still very much undecided.  The
existence, or non-existence, of anti-war voices in the US, now, this week
and next and the next, may prove to have a lot of historical importance.

Lou Paulsen

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