Why Washington Wants Afghanistan

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Tue Sep 18 07:52:02 MDT 2001

Lou Paulsen:
>Well, reasonable Marxists might differ on this point.  And it's an important
>point.  We should look at it.  Is the Russian bourgeoisie a dependent
>comprador bourgeoisie now - in which case Putin is going to act pretty much
>like an imperialist puppet - or is it attempting to stand independently and
>attempt to break into the ranks of the imperialists?  We are still dealing
>with trends, but I think the trend is more the latter.  Otherwise why did
>Putin make a defense pact with China?

If this was such a threat to the status quo, I am sure we would have heard
about it already. Of far more interest is the Chinese Communist Party's
willingness to accept capitalists into membership. In any case, I for one
am not interested in a Gaullist development in Russia. I am interested in

>I was reading an article yesterday on
>the Russian stock market - I think it was in Forbes - which argued that the
>Russian capitalist enterprises are acting more like real companies now and
>are actually paying dividends, rather than just serving as conduits for

Let's all sing the "International".

>And how weak is a weak state with nuclear weapons?  How weak is
>Russia?  Is it stronger than, say, the Netherlands? France?

Pretty soon, with the diffusion of technology from the former Soviet Union
alluded to by Mark Jones, Monaco will have the H-Bomb.

>I think the trend is toward more independence rather than less, but that's
>my personal opinion, and I'm happy to hear arguments the other way.

We do not need independence. We need socialist revolution.

Louis Proyect
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