disgraceful capitulation of Mob. for Global Justice

John Cox hazel_motes52 at hotmail.com
Tue Sep 18 08:07:38 MDT 2001

This is part of a trend, whereby progressive/left organizations are
shutting themselves down before the FBI can do it for them. Alexander
Cockburn and Jeffrey St. Clair wrote a good article on this a few days
ago for Counterpunch.


Mobilization for Global Justice
Cancels its Call for Street
Demonstrations Against World
Bank/IMF at End of September

For Immediate Release: September 16, 2001

Contact: Robert Weissman, 202-387-8030
(cell) 202-904-4068 Steve
Kretzmann, 202-497-1033 (cell) Celia
Alario, MGJ Media Office:

Mobilization for Global Justice Cancels its Call for Street
Demonstrations Against World Bank/IMF at End of September

Street Demonstrations Postponed; Peoples' Summit, Educational Events
to Continue; Coalition Calls for End to Cycle of Violence

Washington, DC -- Participants of the Mobilization for Global Justice
(MGJ) are shocked and deeply saddened by last week's terrorist
attacks. We express our deepest sympathies for the victims of this
tragedy, their families, friends and communities. We unequivocally
condemn these horrific attacks, and we call for an immediate end to
the cycle of violence. We urge all leaders to seek justice in this
situation rather than revenge.

In this time of grief, the MGJ is postponing the nonviolent
demonstrations against the World Bank and the International Monetary
Fund (IMF) our coalition was planning to host later this month. We
choose this course of action regardless of the plans of the World Bank
and IMF, and we respect other organizations that choose a different

MGJ is proceeding with plans to co-sponsor the Peoples' Summit, an
educational forum and teach-in scheduled for September 26th-28th,
which will include issues that have been brought to the forefront this
past week. We extend our invitation for people to come to Washington
DC for the Peoples' Summit and for the Interfaith Service for Justice
and Restoration on September 29th. We also encourage groups working
around the world for peace and global justice to organize teach-ins,
educational events and vigils in their own communities.

Our decision to postpone was made out of respect for the victims of
this tragedy. However the policies of the World Bank and the IMF
remain unchanged, and the MGJ, as part of a global movement, will
continue its efforts to hold these institutions accountable for their
role in structuring an unjust and inequitable global economy. Our
commitment to global justice demands no less. The MGJ stands committed
to achieving social, racial, economic and environmental justice, which
we see as the only path to a lasting peace.

During these difficult times, we call on people in the U.S. and around
the world to stand firm against all racist persecution of Arab and
Muslim peoples. Furthermore we oppose any opportunistic attack on our
constitutional freedoms and Americans' civil liberties. Despite the
disheartening acts of hatred we observed last week, we believe that
another world is not only possible, but more necessary than ever.

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