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>>>>Dear Friends,
>>>>Congresswoman Barbara Lee is the sole representative in either the
>>>>Senate or the House to vote against the war power resolution several
>>>>days ago. The vote in the House was 421 to 1. She is the
>>>>representative from Oakland, CA.
>>>>She has received death threats and is currently under guard.
>>>>If you agree with her principled and courageous stand, or simply
>>>>believe in her right to express her opinion and vote her conscience,
>>>>please let her know of your support.
>>>>Her office number in Washington is 202-225-2661. Her address is 426
>>>>Cannon House Office Bldg., Washington, DC 20515. Her web site can be
>>>>visited at http://www.house.gov/lee/.
>>>You can e-mail her to express your support at:
>>>michael.riggs at mail.house.gov
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