Net site draws 'sick' messages

Alan Bradley abradley1 at
Tue Sep 18 17:47:42 MDT 2001

This little piece of shit is from yesterday's Courier-Mail, the Murdoch
daily broadsheet from Brisbane.

I'm a bit vague about who the various anti-CHOGM groups are, so I can't tell
you who the "Stop CHOGM Alliance" are.

Net site draws 'sick' messages
Malcolm Cole
THE union movement and students have blasted the "sick people" behind a
series of comments praising the terrorist attacks on the US.

The comments were posted on anti-CHOGM Internet chat sites.
One message on the Stop CHOGM Alliance site said the "real tragedy" of the
US attacks was "the fourth plane ditched before reaching the White House".

Another message, posted on the anti-globalisation group M1's e-mail list,
described the collapsing towers of the World Trade Centre as "the most
beautiful view since the picture of Soviet soldiers removing the Nazi flag
from the Reichstag" in 1945.

A message from the Democratic Socialist Party said the US had prompted the
terrorism by oppressing other nations to the extent that "carrying out
suicide bombings against the population of the oppressor country can seem to
some like the only option".

The comments were condemned by the Stop CHOGM Alliance.


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