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>These were sick, twisted, and psychotic mass murderers when they were
allies of
>sick, twisted and psychotic CIA vermin.  I don't see how they become less
>twisted and psychotic when they whacked about 5,000 American working people
in the
>WTC alone.
>If you take issue with calling that sick, twisted and psychotic, I wonder
if you
>think anything is sick, twisted and psychotic.


1) please calm down.

2) If you are convinced that the hijacks were organized by Afghan
mujahedeen, if that's what you mean by "these" and "they", you have
more/different information than anyone else on this list, and different
information from the FBI, which is talking about Egyptian Islamic Jihad most
recently (which is not to say that you can believe anything the FBI says).
And if you aren't, then you have no basis for saying that "they" (the
perpetrators of the WTC attacks) were ever CIA assets.

3) Marta's point, which is QUITE CORRECT, is that when we talk about our
enemies as "sick" and "psychotic", we are using the language in a very
strange and really bad way.  SICK people should be cared for compassionately
and given appropriate medical care.  Is that how you think of CIA agents and
right-wing terrorists?  Do you think that Timothy McVeigh should have been
cared for compassionately?  PSYCHOTIC people (assuming you accept mainstream
psychiatric dogma on the point) are affected by one of several kinds of
biological disorder.  They also deserve compassion and understanding.  Some
people with mental disorders take medication to reduce their symptoms.  The
disease of schizophrenia is commonly grouped with the psychoses.  At least
one member of WWP that I know of is taking medication for schizophrenia.

What you are really trying to do is to be as insulting as possible toward
the perpetrators of the WTC disaster, and to say that they are really evil
and you really hate them.  But Marta is right to point out that when we use
words like "sick" and "psychotic" as all-purpose synonyms for "evil" or
"reactionary", and insult reactionaries by likening them to people with
certain illnesses, who moreover are very much stigmatized and oppressed in
this society,  this is just not correct.  You may think this is splitting
hairs, but if you had any friends or relatives with mental/neurological
illnesses, you would see the point a lot better.

4) In any case I don't think it's terribly productive to deal with the WTC
attacks, the bombing of Hiroshima, the Sabra and Shattila massacres, the
sanctions on Iraq, and other such acts of large scale violence by looking at
the states of mental/emotional/neurochemical health of the individual people
who planned them or carried them out.

Lou Paulsen

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