Dealing with Pakistan his/our way

Lou Paulsen wwchi at
Wed Sep 19 02:36:38 MDT 2001

In our work, I think it's worth raising the issue that, in our 'defense of
democracy', the US is counting on General Musharraf of Pakistan to
completely ignore the wishes of the 140 million Pakistanis.  Pakistan will
only function properly as a US base on the basis of strengthening and
backing the Musharraf regime so that it can crush the inevitable outrage of
the people.

This point was made very explicitly by Milt Bearden, former CIA section
chief for Pakistan, appearing on the Charlie Rose show tonight.  He stressed
that the US has to assure Musharraf that it is behind him for the long haul,
and that "if the street goes crazy, he has to deal with it in his own way -
step on it! - and we can't then bug out because he's not a democrat."  I
suppose that "step on it" means "employ massive violence against the
people."  Our "free society" defends itself in strange ways.

The only illogical part of that is in the words "his own way".  Whose way?
His way?  Our way!  Musharraf might well sympathize with the giant in "The
Princess Bride", who was told by Wallace Shawn to deal with the man in black
"your way" - "Hide behind here, and when he comes by, you hit him with a
rock!", and complain as he did: "My way is not very sportsmanlike."

Lou Paulsen

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