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Note -- it is not too hard to clean up posts such as this from marco,
and if the information in a post is important, as they it in this case,
it is worthwhile spending the time to clean the presentation up, as I
have done below. In some cases it is necessary to give the whole
"history" of a post where the contents might be in doubt (as in the case
of the false report that CNN faked a video). But when the information is
all in the public realm, all that clutter can be cut out, leaving a post
that people can use (and reducing the clutter in and cost of the

When we put out a leaflet, we usually try to make it as presentable and
typographically clear as possible. Posts which are in effect leaflets,
conveying useful information, should receive the same care.



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Dear Friends,

Congresswoman Barbara Lee is the sole representative in either the
Senate or the House to vote against the war power resolution several
days ago. The vote in the House was 421 to 1. She is the representative
from Oakland, CA.

She has received death threats and is currently under guard.

If you agree with her principled and courageous stand, or simply believe
in her right to express her opinion and vote her conscience, please let
her know of your support.

Her office number in Washington is 202-225-2661.
Her address is 426 Cannon House Office Bldg., Washington, DC 20515.
Her web site can be visited at http://www.house.gov/lee/.

You can e-mail her to express your support at:
michael.riggs at mail.house.gov


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