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I don't have a strong opinion on whether to analyze CIA conspiracies in relation to the current attack, however the generalized rejection of all left analysis of conspiracies  is not a correct position. For example, it was very important for the left to broadcast and interpret the Iran-Contra conspiracy hatched in  the White House basement by Oliver North AND TO DISCUSS IT AS AN ILLEGAL CONSPIRACY AS SUCH, TO EMPHASIZE THAT THE PRESIDENT WAS ACTING AS A CRIMINAL.

The JFK conspiracy was important to discuss and to continue discussing and broadcasting today, because it was a coup d'etat in the American state. It demonstrated that the U.S. has coup d'etats and a rightwing potentially capable of fascist takeover. The rightwing of the military industrial complex was the potentially fascist sector of the ruling class then and now.
It is extremely dangerous not to educate young US leftists regarding this specific conspiracy. It is a version of American exceptionalism and chauvinsim to deny the potential for fascism in the U.S.: It can happen here.

It is important to document and record the many conspiracies the U.S. secret police - the FBI - hatched over decades. It is important to regularly repeat the name of J. Edgar Hoover as an American secret police dictator, whose term and  power exceeded that of about 7 or more presidents. It would be highly irresponsible for us not to emphasize this historical fact to young Marxists and leftists.

It was important to expose the Reichstag fire slanders as a Nazis conspiracy.  It was important to analyze and broadcast the CIA drug smuggling conspriacies in Viet Nam. It was important to analyze and broadcast the facts about COINTELPRO FBI conspiracies. It is important to discuss and broadcast the myriad of CIA etc conspiracies to assassinate Fidel Castro or blowup Cuban airplanes, etc., etc. , etc. etc.

I repeat, it is false that Marxists should do no analysis of conspiracies and machinations in bourgeois or other governments. Part of the job of Marxists is to document and chronicle the mundane and spectacular corruption, treachery, deceptions and crimes of bourgeois government and corporations

Even in _Capital_, Marx discusses many specific bourgeois crimes,especially in slavery and colonialism.


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Carrol Cox:
>And of course the granddaddy of all conspiracies of this sort is the
>Kennedy assassination. And I think the basic impulse  behind that
>conspiracy theory was contempt for ordinary people. How would a punk
>like whats-his-name have the nerve and ability to kill a Kennedy. And if
>a conspiracy had been proven it would have been an absolute disaster for
>the left. All of our effort in the '60s to present the Vietnam War as a
>manifestation of imperialism would have been wasted, because the war was
>not the fault of imperialism but of a few scheming men in the CIA or

We ran into this nonsense in a more direct way in the Nicaragua solidarity
movement. An outfit called the Christic Institute, which started off doing
good investigative and lobbying work, latched on to the idea that the
contra network was the project of rogue CIA agents grouped around Richard
Secord that they called the "Secret Team". This cabal was not only
responsible for the contras, but the assassination of JFK as well. This led
them to forge all sorts of sleazy alliances, including one with Mark Lane
and a rightwing retired General who was a JFK conspiracy nut. This was a
major embarrassment to the left.

Louis Proyect
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