First stirrings of the global revolution

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Hallo Comrades,

I am surprised that no-one has yet taken up the thoughts expressed in my
earlier message, with subject heading: Symbolism of the attacks on NYC & the
Pentagon (17th September), because i certainly seems to me that it relates
very strongly to the subject heading of THIS message.

Do we not remember from history that the first revolution in England, the
Civil War was FOUGHT under Christian slogans and Biblical references - and
that the poet John Milton, who was effectively the first "political
commissar" in modern history, thought and stirred the revolutionary armies
in those terms.  And that the first stirrings of the English working class
were associated with such "terrorism" as machine-wrecking, rick-burning; and
thinly-veiled threats of violent retribution to the ruling class; the use of
religious oaths to bind their members; and the formation of new Christian
sects such as the Primitive Methodists, dedicated to non-violent means of
improving the lot of the working-class.

And do we not remember that the family of Vladimir Ilyich included a
terrorist, in the person of his elder brother..... and a whole generation of
would-be revolutionaries in the Tsarist Empire were involved in terrorism
before leadership devolved on the Russian Marxists...

Is it therefore surprising that the first stirrings of revolution against
world domination by US capitalism and its allies should be by way of
terrorism - and allied to relgious dogma?

The horrific aspect is that 21st century terrorists have much more
sophisticated technology at their disposal to use in their terroristic
acts - AND that they make no distinction between the classes in the dominant
countries.  AND where are the evidences of a secular, organisational, not to
say Marxist, leadership for the revolution in the euphemistically-called
developing world?

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