First stirrings of the global revolution

Kurt Lhotzky kurt.lhotzky at
Wed Sep 19 12:09:13 MDT 2001

Dear Comrade,

I am absolute opposed to Your position.

Is any form of terrorism alway the dawn of the coming revolution (which
revolution)? I severely disagree.

You quote examples from the English revolution. I think it is wrong to mix
up the terrorists act of an ascending revolutionary class which were
disguised behind a religious rhetorics to the terrorism of islamist groups.

I think You must not forget that the Taliban militias and even Osama bin
Laden are really creatures of US-imperialism, armed and financed when they
were the military wedge against the former USSR. To see in their terrorist
actions anything progressive is wrong. 

We [maxists] here in Austria said: We reject the hypocrisis of people who
lament now and who uttered not a word of condolence when hundredsouthands of
Iraqui children starve to death, dies of deseases, or died of hunger. But we
rejected this acts of terrorism which are contraproductive to any form of
mobilisation of the working class, which are the pretext to strenghten the
repressive instruments of the bourgeois states.

One historic example: Should marxists have seen in Graf Stauffenbergs
attempt on Hitler (20th juli 1944) "the dawn of revolution"? Absolutely not.
If the reactionary Prussian military caste wanted to get rid off Hitler on
the programme of a continuation of his anti-working-class minus the excesses
of "Endlösung" and "war to the end", this was nothing progressive. It should
have been opposed by the working class on the base of it's owen
revolutionary programme (I let aside the question of a revolutionary party!)

Terrorism in itself has nothing progressive - that's the point, I think!



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