Niggling doubts

Gary MacLennan g.maclennan at
Wed Sep 19 15:04:24 MDT 2001

I wonder if I am oversimplifying things or not, but I really think that our
tasks have to do with something other than digging around for smoking guns
here and there.  We should leave that to the next generation of script
writers.  We have to mobilise against the war that is coming.

Here in Oz the conservative govt has surged a head even more in the polls,
and that is even despite the collapse of the air line Ansett.  Howard would
win now in a landslide.  So things are quite grim.

I know the conspiracy theorists think that if they can hang this one on the
CIA that will make our job easier.  That is an illusion - there are no
short cuts.  It also reminds me of the fantasy I used to have (still do
really) that they will one day find a narrative gospel that will prove
definitively that the Carpatians were correct and that Jesus did have lots
of sex with young men.

Not going to happen and even if it did it would change nothing.
Christianity as an institutional force would survive.

Similarly the material forces which are gathering now must be confronted
now by an attempt to build a mass movement.



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