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  Over the past week our country has endured sheer terror and a threat
 to our way of life.  This is a very difficult time for all Americans.

  Some have used this tragedy as an excuse to exercise racism in its most
extreme and disgusting form.  Over the past weekend, an employee who works
in the Healthy Nation office at Cherokee Nation experienced this firsthand.

  On Friday night, Kimberly Lowe, niece of Cherokee Nation employee Margie
Burkhart, was murdered in an act of violent racism.  Here is her story...

Kimberly was a beautiful 21 year old full blood Creek.  She and several
Native friends went out on Friday night in Tulsa.  While driving around
Tulsa they were"allegedly" followed and harassed by a vehicle of white
males.  The males were "allegedly" throwing items at the car and yelling
"Go back to your own country!"  Kimberely was driving and acting as many
of us would, stopped the car and confronted the males.  Sadly, the males
"allegedly" decided to end her life.  They "allegedly" used the car to hit
Kimberly and pin her against another vehicle.  They then "allegedly"
backed up and ran over her again.  Kimberly was pronounced dead at St.
John's hospital.

  Tulsa news media and the Tulsa Police department have yet to deem this a
"hate crime".  Kimberly's family wants to make certain that senseless acts
of violence are not deemed acceptable.  We want the Tulsa Police
department and the news media to cover this story and make the point that
NO ACTS OF VIOLENCE against people of color are acceptable. I am outraged
that so little has been done to bring attention to this heinous crime.

  We need your help.  If you know of any sources of support to bring
attention to this case and hopefully bring these criminals to justice,
please call or e-mail me.  We are looking for a source similar to the NAACP
to assist in bringing the necessary attention to this crime.Any advice or
assistance would be appreciated.  Thanks, Lisa.

Name: Lisa Perkins
E-mail: Lisa Perkins <lperkins at cherokee.org>
Date: 09/17/2001
Time: 09:55:43
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