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Dear Friends,

This is from one of my colleagues at Clark. It gives some idea of what the
environment is about around here.

Jim Craven

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> Colleagues:
> I've been "biting my lip" on a particular subject, but because of an event
> this morning I feel impelled to offer the following...
> My wife owns a business in Battle Ground, where she has a small chalkboard
> mounted on the exterior wall next to the main door.  Because of the
> tragedy last week she had written "PEACE ON EARTH" with a picture of a
> heart below the words.  This morning (Wed.) my wife arrived at her
> business to find that someone had crossed out the heart and had drawn a
> swastika next to it.  Rattled at first, we are now assuming that it was
> some misguided kid just doing what some kids do.
> I've come to the conclusion that the person who did this is not a Clark
> grad, because
> 1 - the swastika was backwards, so they apparently have yet to learn how
> to communicate effectively,
> 2 - they are not well versed in multicultural issues, or they would
> understand what this symbol represents to about the entire planet (yes,
> I'm aware of the other one, but I doubt this person has a clue to even its
> existence),
> 3 - they have not learned effective citizenship or they wouldn't mess with
> other people's personal property, and
> 4 - critical thinking, well, uh, nil.
> My point, however, is how dangerous nationalism can be in the extreme.
> I read the headlines: Attack on America, but it was the WORLD trade
> center.
> I see many displaying red/white/blue or the American flag, but it was
> people from like 39 (?) countries that were hurt/killed.
> I see "God bless America" all over town.
> But I think "God bless the entire world" - my wife thinks:
> Peace on Earth
> keith
> ps - I have a fine bitmap of the planet Earth viewed from space that I use
> as a wallpaper on my pc.  Let me know if you would like a copy of it.
[Craven, Jim]

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