Sorry, Virginia, But Humans DO Conspire.

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<< daddy of all conspiracies of this sort is the
 >Kennedy assassination. And I think the basic impulse  behind that
 >conspiracy theory was contempt for ordinary people. How would a punk
 >like whats-his-name have the nerve and ability to kill a Kennedy. And if
 >a conspiracy had been proven it would have been an absolute disaster for
 >the left. All of our effort in the '60s to present the Vietnam War as a
 >manifestation of imperialism would have been wasted, because the war was
 >not the fault of imperialism but of a few scheming men in the CIA or
 >wherever.  >>

Dead wrong.  We built a huge student movement in the 60s and one of the
underlying bases was the widespread belief that Oswald did NOT kill Kennedy -
but that powerful forces conspired to do the job.  This undermined confidence
in the righteousness of our leaders.  A very important matter.  That plus the
assassination of King (clearly not done by one guy - army intel was all over
town that day) Malcom X (right after he started talking about the need for
working class action) and so on.

People concluded that the same powerful forces who killed these people were
behind Vietnam.  Which is basically true, though of course many people
mistakenly idealized Kennedy.

Since Lou's SWP totally, I mean totally,  sat out the building of the mass
student movement during the 1960s, it's kind of funny that he so quickly
agrees with the idea that "if this conspiracy idea had caught on" (which of
course it did!) the building of the mass student movement would have failed.

Life is a contradiction: social/economic laws are real, but they function
through the actions of people who do in fact conspire and often misunderstand
the underlying causes of their actions.  This is especially true when a
capitalist superpower is going for world conquest.  Especially this one,
whose TRADEMARK is political theater - staged lies.  That was something they
perfected the last ten years in Yugoslavia.

You cannot make war without non-public planning, which is the
neutral-sounding word for conspiring.  And far as I can see, every war the
U.S. has fought since 1898 began with a lie or a staged incident - including
Korea, where according to Izzy Stone, the U.S. lied that the North Koreans
pushed forward.  Wasn't Tonkin Bay a conspiracy?  Wasn't the sinking of the
Maine?  Wasn't the Racak "Massacre"?

Now someone will say "this shows you don't think the North Koreans have the
ability to start wars and that the Spaniards don't have the balls and ability
to sink battleships."

Hey, by the way, didn't Oswald say, "I'm just a patsy?"  Ahhh, low class

BTW - I again urge youall to read Marx's newspaper articles on events of the
day.  Pick up his collected works from libraries, particularly interesting to
read him on the U.S. Civil War. He constantly exposes - conspiracies.


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