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Wed Sep 19 22:50:22 MDT 2001

Im sorry to say but the people who worked in the WTC were not workers. They
were thousands of upper middle class and even working class professionals
with salaries at leats over $60,000, you cant call this workers. The people
who carried this out were not sick or psychotic, it was a result of US
foreign policy that has killed hundreds of thousands, if not millions of
people in the U.S, 5000 people is a small price the US rulers have to pay
for their plundering and oppression in the world that has cost over 5
MILLION lives since 1950.

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>You are conflating illness with rational acts.  Murderers commit
>murder every day who are not "insane,"  nor are they ill.  The CIA is
>a rational operation composed of hundreds of workers who carry out US
>policy.  WORKERS carry out the CIA's plans.
>None of them are sick.  They are not diagnosed with any condition.
>Being psychotic is a very specific diagnosis which none of these
>people warrant.  Further the vast majority of psychotics are not murderers.
>If you cannot see that describing the terrorists and the CIA as "sick"
>is irrational and lazily convenient  then there is nothing else I can
>tell you.
>Mark Lause wrote:
> >
> > These were sick, twisted, and psychotic mass murderers when they were
>allies of
> > sick, twisted and psychotic CIA vermin.  I don't see how they become
>less sick,
> > twisted and psychotic when they whacked about 5,000 American working
>people in the
> > WTC alone.
> >
> > If you take issue with calling that sick, twisted and psychotic, I
>wonder if you
> > think anything is sick, twisted and psychotic.
> >
> > Solidarity,
> > Lause
> >
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