Sorry, Virginia, But Humans DO Conspire.

Louis Proyect lnp3 at
Thu Sep 20 07:04:33 MDT 2001

Jared Israel:
>Dead wrong.  We built a huge student movement in the 60s and one of the
>underlying bases was the widespread belief that Oswald did NOT kill
Kennedy -
>but that powerful forces conspired to do the job.

This is just false.

>You cannot make war without non-public planning, which is the
>neutral-sounding word for conspiring.  And far as I can see, every war the
>U.S. has fought since 1898 began with a lie or a staged incident - including
>Korea, where according to Izzy Stone, the U.S. lied that the North Koreans
>pushed forward.  Wasn't Tonkin Bay a conspiracy?  Wasn't the sinking of the
>Maine?  Wasn't the Racak "Massacre"?

The problem is that you have lost all sense of proportion. In the early
days of the Vietnam antiwar movement, teach-ins might have allocated 10
percent of their time to exposing the Gulf of Tonkin incidents. But 90
percent would have been taken up with the violation of the 1954 accords,
Ho's popularity, the agrarian roots of the revolution, the domino theory
and imperialism, etc. You have allocated 100 percent of your energy to
exposing a new Gulf of Tonkin, but on evidence that is utterly
preposterous. Starting with the notion that explosives were planted in the
towers before the airplanes crashed into them. Both you and Chossoduvsky
emphasized this foolish, unsupported report. You should spend less time
running around like Agent Mulder looking for the smoking gun and more time
in the library trying to understand the political and economic roots of the
current crisis. At least if you want to be taken seriously on this forum.
If you want to fit in, I suggest you take a look at Usenet's
alt.conspiracy, etc.

Louis Proyect
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