Sorry, Virginia, But Humans DO Conspire.

Mark Lause lause at
Thu Sep 20 07:28:04 MDT 2001


For what it's worth, I think you are absolutely correct in this, and those who
are excluding conspiratory from their radar are absolutely incorrect.

Certainly, the statement of the US Hoover Commission at the onset of the Cold War
all but declared that it would regularly engage in criminal conspiracies to
defeat the USSR.  There's a great deal of circumstantial evidence indicating
covert government involvement in the assassinations of Robert F. Kennedy, Martin
Luther King, Malcolm X and John F. Kennedy, and the subsequent coverup of
evidence.  By definition, none of it can based on anything  more than
circumstantial if there isn't an investigation of those crimes by state authority
with the power to supoena and compel testimony, something almost never exercised.

The positions some Marxists take on these things baffle me, and should be
discussed here at some point after the current crisis winds down, perhaps.  I
find it strange that those who discuss covert government action against the Black
Panthers and other groups think that the same people and institutions would balk
at taking similarly lethal action against other citizens.  Frankly, it entirely
misdirects rational discourse of these things to engage in some kind of long
distance psychoanalysis of the motives of those who call these things criminal
conspiracies. (Talk about straying from the evidence, folks, we might as well
bring Miss Cleo in for some of these conjuring tricks.)  Perhaps, such Marxists
are too impatient in addressing government criminality in order to move what they
view as "bigger" issues of criminality.

This acknowledgement that conspiracies take place in the US government doesn't
mean everything that COULD be a conspiracy IS one.

...Maybe if we had an official US government claim that a single plane passed
through one tower of the WTC, killed some time in midair, then hit the second
tower, before tumbling off to hit the Pentagon ... well, that's an indication
that the case is worth another look.


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