Gary MacLennan g.maclennan at qut.edu.au
Thu Sep 20 08:35:38 MDT 2001

Prime Minister Howard has declared that it is a "matter of honour" for
Australia to stand shoulder to shoulder with the USA in its "war on terrorism".

So if there were any doubts, we know now that Howard will push the war
wagon as hard as he can right up to the election.  There are straws though
in the wind suggesting that although his popularity ratings have soared,
his support is quite soft.  I do not think that a majority of Australians
are anxious to get dragged into this "war".

There is great sympathy with the victims but also a feeling that the USA
has been involved with the likes of Bin Laden and that Bush is a scary guy
to be in charge of the "free world".  His remark about Bin Laden  being
"wanted Dead or Alive" has made him appear like a character in a bad John
Wayne movie.

So although this has been an amazing week for the Right, perhaps they have
begun to over reach themselves. I suspect that they are taking the mass of
people too far too quickly down the path to Armageddon.  Their rhetoric is
frightening more people than just the Taliban.



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