Sorry, Virginia, But Humans DO Conspire.

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Thu Sep 20 08:28:35 MDT 2001

Mark Lause wrote:

Certainly, the statement of the US Hoover Commission at the onset of the
Cold War
all but declared that it would regularly engage in criminal conspiracies
defeat the USSR.  There's a great deal of circumstantial evidence
covert government involvement in the assassinations of Robert F.
Kennedy, Martin
Luther King, Malcolm X and John F. Kennedy, and the subsequent coverup


The cases you mention involved individuals who, to whatever extent,
posed a threat to particular sets of vested interests. One single
individual is very different from thousands of people in strategically
important positions. The strategic importance of the targets lies less
in the people working in them -- cleaners, secretaries, administrators,
minimum wage slaves most certainly included -- than in the functions
each performed within the dual pillars of the US corporate state: the
military-industrial complex and the Wall Street-Treasury complex. If
some nutso fragment of the US power elite wished to orchestrate a
bloodbath in order to provide a pretext for masses of repressive
legislation and military adventurism, you can bet that it would have
chosen targets of far less significance strategically speaking. There
would also have been greater casualties of poor and minorities. The
events you mention were clean, "surgical strikes" compared to the
indiscriminate and suicidal mess of last Tuesday. If we take the
conspiracy theory angle, then last week's atrocities were indiscriminate
on two counts: the lives lost, and the impact upon the interests
supposedly conspiring to enact these events. "Taking out" problematic
individuals is much more the style of government-level criminal
conspiracies. Bloody coups and indiscriminate bombing are reserved for
uppity, non-white populations in what we now call "emerging markets".
They can look forward to more of these as part of the "war on

Michael Keaney

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