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> The Socialist Party USA rejects calls for war and calls upon American
> citizens to wage peace.
> We condemn the mass murder that occurred on September 11, as we condemn
> murder.  We fully understand the desire for retribution in response, but
> not share it.  We insist that the perpetrators of these terrorist acts
> should be brought to justice without plunging this country and the world
> into a wider war.
> We specifically condemn President Bush's vow to make no distinction
> the terrorists and the countries in which they might live. The deaths of
> thousands of people whose only crime was to show up for work illuminates
> just how much our government's policies abroad imperil all of us,
> personally, on a daily basis.  Bush's policy of waging "war on terrorism"
> is itself terroristic, and simply invites more terrorism.
> We need a foreign policy free of military intervention, based upon
> international cooperation. The Socialist Party calls upon peace loving
> citizens to set an example by joining broad based, multi-ethnic coalitions
> to speak out and defend against anti immigrant fever in our communities,
> support the relief effort in New York and Washington and to take a stand
> against military action.
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