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--- Stuart Lawrence <stuartwl at> wrote:
> There are plenty of unionized workers in the
> industries where the SWP has sought
> to promote itself who make salaries of $60,000 or
> more. Are you saying they're
> not workers either?

Is there a salary cutoff I should know about between
"worker" and "capitalist?"

How much one's paid relates very little to ones'
position in class society, although it may affect how
you perceive your role in it.

I'm reminded of a scene in a film whose name I forget
(it was a thinly-veiled historical drama about the
Rosenbergs, with different names used) where the
Julius character tells his son, "This Joe DiMaggio -
he makes lots of money, but he's the same as you or me
or anybody else. Do you know why?" and the son
responds, "Because he doesn't own the baseball team."

That right there is a 30-words-or-less lesson in class


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