Sorry, Virginia, But Humans DO Conspire.

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Charles dijo:

> The class analysis element of the JFK assassination is the level of
conflict within the U.S. bourgeoisie that one
>section would >order the murder of one its own. It is an indication of the
level of crisis and conflict
>within the U.S. bourgeoisie at that time in >history.

So, Charles, how does the JFK assassination relate to the bombing of
WTC/Pentagon at this point?


CB: See Carrol's earlier post in this thread. He brought up the JFK assassination in relation to discussion of a conspiracy theory on the current events.


The circumstances producing the JFK ass. were
totally different. The former was an assassination, not a war attack on the
financial and military integrity of the US. The incident was still domestic
in scope, not international.  If so, I am sure the US agencies would
respond accordingly regardless of the democrat-republican divide, in the
name of "national interest". Also the conflict within the US bourgeoisie
exists to a *much much*  lesser degree now. After all, we are in 2001, not
in the 1960s. Not only the democrats have shifted from their
classical/centrist position more and more to the right, but also the US
foreign policy has considerably become  more reactionary  There is no
conflict or disagreement within the bourgeoisie as to whether the US should
respond to "terrorism" with some form of retaliation. The voting on "war
power resolution" in the congress was 421 to 1. So this should tell us
something. Any conspiracy theory that suggests that this attack is the
conspiracy of conservatives in the CIA/state dept/ military complex
obscures the overall US ruling class strategy in the MidEAst...let's be
realistic here..


CB: As I said to Lou, I am not inclined at this point to analyze the current event as a CIA or US government conspiracy. Carrol brought up  the JFK assassination in the context of a more general discussion of conspiracies that grew out of the discussion of the current events. Then Lou commented on that derivative issue , and I commented.

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