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To Lou; I am somewhat appalled,

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<<  problem is that you have lost all sense of proportion. In the early
 days of the Vietnam antiwar movement, teach-ins might have allocated 10
 percent of their time to exposing the Gulf of Tonkin incidents. But 90
 percent would have been taken up with the violation of the 1954 accords,
 Ho's popularity, the agrarian roots of the revolution, the domino theory
 and imperialism, etc.  >>

First, who cares?  The point I was making is that the Tonkin Bay resolution
was used to SELL the American people on the war.  Whether or not we exposed
it - in fact those of us who actually built a movement did - is another

Second, not having been involved in the building of the student movement, you
have no idea of what built it. There is frankly nothing as gross as hollow

Third, what built that movement was not teachins.  It was struggles over the
ways that the war was present on campus. E.g.,DOW andf CIA recruiters, etc.
The silly breakdown you make -  based on what, I don't know - that is, were
you at all of these teachin-in?  - is there some list of speeches? - please !
- of how much people spoke about what at teachins is - silly. Just empty
prattle from someone who, given the superbly isolated character of the super
sectarian group he was in, which was frankly a joke within the student
movement, that is the SWP -  ought to exercise humility. Lou, frankly your
bullying arrogance is always shocking, but here it is pitiful.

My point is, based on my real experience, as the national leader of the left
wing of students for a democratic society which WAS the student movement,
that the people I talked to - many many many of them -  were affected by the
lies about the assassinations - especially of ML King and Malcom.

I can't believe I'm spending my time correcting a former SWP organizer, which
is to say the organizer of a silly group that diddled itself on the sidelines
of the 60s student movement. My mother said I would waste my life. The truth
is: JFK planted the seeds of doubt and ML KIng confirmed them and the war
clinched it.

Lou, you have said they brought you to Boston to re-organize the Socialist
Workers Party, a ludicrously isolated sect which had zero role in the big
struggles at Harvard, Brandeis, MIT, Simmons, UMass, Boston State,
Bridgewater, Boston College, etc.etc.  ZERO ROLE WHATSOVER in the student
movement from 65-69. And who did they bring but some computer programmer to
set their guys straight after which - they had ZERO ROLE. They continued to
be a joke.  Not surprisingly. Now, 40 years later, with an audience that has
no idea what happened in the 60s, the computer programmer gets to be Walter
Mitty the expert.  And throw his weight around.

It would not be harmful and I wouldn't have the heart to point it out except
- maybe some people might be fooled into thinking you are in a position to
give anybody advice.

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