what really happened to the plane that went down in PA?

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Thu Sep 20 22:19:58 MDT 2001

marco rodrigues wrote:
> I've heard several reports that this plane was shot down by the U.S. military, but of course there are conflicting reports also, mainly coming out of the mainstream media.  But like someone I believe on this list already said, people overpowering a group of terrorists and crashing the plane into the ground on purpose only happens in movies.  So what really happened?
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The US gov't has denied shooting down the plane.  Weighing the flak that
they are getting over the WTC and Pentagon attacks havimh suceeded, ves
the potential criticism for shooting down a civilian airliner for
national defense, which would be comparatively minor in context, I tend
to believ that they did not shoot it down.

Now, as to the passengers overpowering the hijackers and dheroically
driving the plane into the ground, it seems implausible.  However, if
the hijackers were armed with knives and boxcutters --as one of the
passengers who called out said-- it does seem possible that the
passengers came close to overpowering them or making clear that the
mission could not be completed successfully.    Knowing that they were
to die, the passemgers had nothing to lose in struggling for control of
the plane or in preventing the hijackers from completing the mission.
I think it likely that the hijackers then themselves drove the plane
into the ground to prevent losing the plane and thus failing totally in
their mission.

However, until we get some indication of what is on the cockpit voice
recorders, we may never know what really happened.

- Juan
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