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el 20 Sep 01, a las 13:35, Charles Brown dijo:

> CB: "Having lost Camelot" is not an accurate description of the reaction to the
> obvious coverup of what actually happened in the assassination. It was
> consciousness that it was forces from within the establishment and government
> that had done the murder, thereby making it a coup d'etat. This consciousness
> did not arise immediately at the time of the assassination, actually, for many.

Most of humankind (at least that fraction who learnt from the assassination) 
was amazed (me included) at the astonishing inability of the Americans to 
recognize a coup as such a thing. It was remarkable, indeed, and at least in 
the Buenos Aires Jewish lower middle class environment where I lived, it was 
quite shocking to realize of the naive vision of US people, and it was also 
shocking to realize that they were not doing ANYTHING to protect themselves and 
their own country. This environment, of course, was strongly pro-Kennedy.

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