what really happened to the plane that went down in PA?

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Subject: what really happened to the plane that went down in PA?

>>I've heard several reports that this plane was shot down by the U.S.
military, but of course there are conflicting reports also, mainly coming
out of the mainstream media.  But like someone I believe on this list
already said, people overpowering a group of terrorists and crashing the
plane into the ground on purpose only happens in movies.  So what really

Okay, here's the inside dope: Actually, there was no fourth plane. It was
old footage that CNN dug up from its archives from an earlier crash. No one
is sure who came up with the great idea about the wife that got the
phonecall from the husband on the plane saying they would try to overpower
the hijackers, but all agreed that getting a perky blonde from central
casting to play her role was a stroke of genius.

Since the news nets had all agreed to share video that day, the other nets
picked it up and were too embarrassed to pull it when they found out.

The Pentagon and FAA went along with the story, and to make it seem more
believeable, the feds arranged to have a few dozen people were taken from
their homes and forced into black helicopters. The FAA then put their names
were put on the passenger list of the non-existing aircraft. They have not
been heard from since.


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