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Re: George Bush's speech and the new world order.

Last night I watched and listened to George W. Bush's speech. I think every
comrade on this list, and every thinking person on this planet should study
it carefully. Here are my first thoughts.

Bush outlined US imperialism's new program for transforming itself from a
superpower into an empire. I mean empire in the sense of the Roman and
British empires, not in the sense that Lenin used the word imperialism in
his little book.

The speech, which I do not unfortunately have in front of me as I write,
had short, medium, and long term proposals.

In the short term it was aimed at isolating Talban and Al'Queda, and trying
to INCLUDE everyone else in support of US military action.

Bush praised Islam and Moslems, but atttacked Taliban and Al'Queda as
marginal, as terrorists, and blasphemers of the Koran.

Interestingly, when he talked about the repressive laws of Afghanistan - he
did not mention anything related to the oppression of women, instead he
talked about laws governing the length of a MAN's beard.

Why? Because he did not want to offend Saudi Arabia, Iran, and other
Islamic countries were women are also oppressed in manners similar to the
way they are in Afghanistan.

Bush compared his crusade (a word he stopped using because of its historic
connotations by Christianity against Islam) to the wars which defeated
Nazism, Fascism and TOTALITARIANISM. He never once used the word COMMUNISM.

Why not?

Because he wants to invite China, Cuba, Vietnam, and the various Communist
Parties and their successors into his 'War against Terrorism.'

He used the emotional appeal of anger over the destruction of the World
Trade Center, and the deaths of so many people, to promote an international
war on terrorism.

But in doing so, he had to address the issue, "Why do the 'terrorists' hate
the United States?"

And here is where he descended into the world of utter unreality and
imperialist fantasy.

He did not say,

Because the United States dropped atom bombs on Japan.

Because the United States has waged wars all over the world in which it has
firebombed, machine gunned, and blown up millions of innocent people.

He especially did not mention the continuing war against Iraq, the bombing
of Belgrade, or the continuing war against Palestine conducted by Israel
with the strong involvement and support of the USA.

He said they hate the United States because it is rich, good, generous and

I almost puked.

Despite Bush's efforts to be all inclusive, the fact is that millions,
probably hundreds of millions, hate the United States.

The effort to be all inclusive is key to imperialism's new strategy.

All inclusive in the sense of "you are either with us, or with them."

Hidden not far underneath this is the long term goal of the new strategy.
The abolition of national sovereignty and the subordination of all
countries to the military and political dictates of the United States.

*All countries will give up the right to control their own borders,
airspace and coasts.

*The United States military and police will have free access to all
countries. The military and police of all countries must assist, and follow
the orders of US military and police.

*Anyone who is not a US citizen may be jailed indefinitely without charges
or trial.

*Terrorists include all those who disagree with the government of the
United States.

*At this moment the left should be fighting as hard as it can the idea that
if you are not with the US, you are a terrorist.

Our fight, at this moment, must be against military intervention, and for
national and democratic rights.

Imperialism is taking a huge gamble. Their military success is not
guaranteed, their police success is not guaranteed.

The world economy may not recover - despite military Keynsianism.

We are at a moment of great danger. If imperialism wins its gamble, it
might seal the fate of the class struggle for decades to come.

If it does not, it could well open up - in the short to medium term -
monumental social upheaval on a global scale.

What is not likely to happen, is the return to 'normalcy' that Colin Powell
proposed as his program.

All the best, Anthony

Louis Proyect
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