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Fri Sep 21 10:07:15 MDT 2001

Reply to T. Taler:

When does a person become a worker? Perhaps, people who have the
economic resources to spend time chit-chatting in their ultra-left
fashion about what all of this means, which person was a worker, which
person wasn't, who deserves to live and who doesn't based on their
salary aren't workers either...Extraordinary!

This amounts in my view to a kind of unwillingness to
imagine any kind of affinity with real people even if they aren't as
super-class conscious as yourself, even if they are misguided into
believing their middle-class lives are truly liberated...I wonder also,

what an ultra-left imagines herself to be part of...the section of this

list that pursues paranoid conspiracies (though no doubt such a
conspiracy that a ruling class might have exists) or some detached,
disengaged, super-class conscious person, who can tell anyone their
faults, their complcity, but cannot imagine his own?

The broadest possible peace movement, even if its main sections aren't
calling for socialism, is the most important thing to build now, isn't


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