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> Interestingly, when he talked about the repressive
> laws of Afghanistan - he
> did not mention anything related to the oppression
> of women, instead he
> talked about laws governing the length of a MAN's
> beard.
> Why? Because he did not want to offend Saudi Arabia,
> Iran, and other
> Islamic countries were women are also oppressed in
> manners similar to the
> way they are in Afghanistan.

I noticed that, but gave it a passing chuckle,
attributing it to the GOP's own sexist ideology. But
you're probably right - I just hadn't thought of that.

> Because he wants to invite China, Cuba, Vietnam, and
> the various Communist
> Parties and their successors into his 'War against
> Terrorism.'

That stuck out like a sore thumb, and I wasn't the
only one to notice it (I was at a bar last night, and
they piped the speech through the PA before the band
went onstage). That's a reasonable explanation,

And if they join, he then turns on them... (Cuba is
already listed in the State Department as a "sponsor
of terrorism." I have yet to hear a decent
explanation, even from gusanos, as to why.)

> He said they hate the United States because it is
> rich, good, generous and
> democratic.

I got some dirty looks for laughing out loud - there's
a fine line between "trying to rouse the people" and
"making a fool of yourself."

> The effort to be all inclusive is key to
> imperialism's new strategy.
> All inclusive in the sense of "you are either with
> us, or with them."

Well, it's an excuse to keep the Big Bogeyman always
just around the corner. Until a decade ago, it was the
USSR. Nice and simple. Now we have Osama bin Laden.
But what happens when he croaks? Well, this gives the
US an excuse to find a new Big Bogeyman immediately.


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