Forwarded from Anthony (Bush speech)

Jose G. Perez jgperez at
Fri Sep 21 13:16:03 MDT 2001

>>Forwarded from Anthony (Bush speech)

>>Interestingly, when he talked about the repressive laws of Afghanistan -
did not mention anything related to the oppression of women, instead he
talked about laws governing the length of a MAN's beard.

>>Why? Because he did not want to offend Saudi Arabia, Iran, and other
Islamic countries were women are also oppressed in manners similar to the
way they are in Afghanistan.<<

You may want to read the speech again:

    "In Afghanistan we see Al Qaeda's vision for the world. Afghanistan's
people have been brutalized. Many are starving and many have fled. Women are
not allowed to attend school. You can be jailed for owning a television.
Religion can be practiced only as their leaders dictate. A man can be jailed
in Afghanistan if his beard is not long enough."


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