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Fri Sep 21 13:49:17 MDT 2001

I received a CWI statement from Andy L. that is too long to post to the
list. I made a web page out of it at:

Here are the first few paragraphs:


No War, Racism and Scapegoating!


The terrorist attacks on New York City and Washington, DC Tuesday September
11 were a horrific tragedy. Socialist Alternative sends all those who lost
loved ones and friends and all of those injured its deepest sympathies and

Socialists completely and absolutely oppose and condemn this brutal,
horrendous crime, its wanton slaughter of thousands of innocent people. The
main victims were workers: secretaries, firefighters, waiters, and
janitors, etc. of all races, ethnicities, nationalities, and religions.

Hundreds of millions remain in a state of shock after repeatedly watching
people jump to their deaths and the appalling loss of thousands of lives in
the collapse of the World Trade Center. An estimated 300 firefighters and
85 police officers were killed as they rushed to the scene to help with
rescue efforts. Whole families in the hijacked planes were kidnapped and
flown to their deaths. Body parts rained down on passers-by. Some of the
most haunting aspects of the tragic events have been the last minute phone
calls from passengers or those trapped in the rubble to loved ones, saying
last good-byes.

The outpouring of support, solidarity, self sacrifice and heroism has
attained gigantic proportions throughout the world. Thousands of volunteers
surged into New York City from across the country offering to help in any
way. All across the country people have flooded into blood banks to give

Americans, and people around the world, are justly shocked, saddened,
angered, and outraged. Unfortunately, politicians and the media are
exploiting this genuine grief in order to further the ruling class¹
right-wing agenda. As millions mourn and trying to put their lives back in
some kind of order, the US government bangs war drums.

Louis Proyect
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