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On "Lou the expert" posted earlier by Jared Israel.

A few polite words in reply to Jared Israel's attack against Lou.

Jared's history is false. The SWP led the Student Mobilizattion Committee,
and as such played the central role in organizing the largest
demonstrations which occrured in the 1960's and 1970's against the war in
Viet Nam.

The SDS was a flash in the pan. When it was THE Student movement, it was a
huge amorphous, faction ridden movement where noone outside of its national
office paid any attention to its national leaders, unless they were pulling
stupid stunts.

It may be true that in Boston the SWP was a joke. Nationally it wasn't.
(And Boston was not ever the center of the movement nationally.) I don't
know what Lou did at the time. But I do know that Lou takes his history
seriously, and has studied the movement with an eye to learning from his
own mistakes.

Jared should do the same.

Jared makes only one relevant point: disbelief in the Warren Commission's
cover-up of what really happened to JFK was an important part of the
radicalization of the 1960's. Shocked liberal youth, lost their trust in
the government and the press, and looked elsewhere for answers. The loss of
confidence in the bourgeoisie - and in what they call democracy - was an
important contributing factor, and the assasination and coverup were
important elements in that loss of confidence.

Ironically,  Jared's theories will not be believed for the same reason no
one believed the Warren Commission - there is too much evidence pointing in
the opposite direction, and too little evidence pointing toward's Jared's

If Jared wants to convince people, screaming and shouting and insulting
people - especially those who people on this list respect (e.g. Lou) won't
do it.  Speculation won't either.

Try digging up evidence to back up your points. Your interview with the
flying school guy was a nice try, although totally unconvincing. Keep trying.

In the meantime, there is no need for any conspiracy theory to criticize
imperialism for what the world can plainly see it is doing.

Criticism, and exposes, based on unassailable evidence, can only help our
side. Speculation not based on anything other than fantasy can only harm
our credibility, at a time whe we desperately need to bolster it.

If Jared wants to he can dismiss my advice, since I did not send a resume
with it. But Jared should rethink his  attitude. Every person who ever was
part of the 'movement' has both a right and responsiblity to give advise
and criticise others in the movement. Leaders and would be leaders, like
you Jared, - if they are going to find followers - damn well ought to
listen respectfully, even if the advise is wrong.

All the best, Anthony

Louis Proyect
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