IRSCNA: Seamus Costello Commemoration

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Fri Sep 21 17:47:57 MDT 2001

Irish Republican Socialist Committees of North America Statement:
Seamus Costello Commemoration

Comrades and friends:

It is hard to believe at times that we are fast approaching a quarter
century since we lost Seamus Costello through the murderous actions
of counter-revolutionaries. Certainly there were those who were
uncertain that the still young Irish Republican Socialist Party and
Irish National Liberation Army could survive the loss of such a
brilliant and charismatic leader.

When that death was followed by the murders that stole from us Miriam
Daly, Ronnie Bunting and Noel Lyttle, Ta Power, and Gino Gallagher,
along with a host of other comrades of exceptional talents, it seemed
impossible that our movement would survive; and yet here we are
today. The Irish Republican Socialist Movement is today stronger,
more unified, more active, and more able than at any time since the
start of the 1980s.

There was a time when many of us anxiously awaited the coming of a
new Seamus Costello some exceptionally gifted leader who would move
us forward, but we have learned that the success of any movement
rests not on any single leader of historic stature, but on the
collective efforts of everyday working women and men, relying on one
another to provide leadership and support.

Men like Seamus Costello are the rare gifts of history, who shape us
with their vision and insight and help to urge us forward, but the
success of a movement requires something more. It requires ordinary
women and men of the working class to develop trust in their own
abilities, recognition of their own contribution, knowledge that a
movement is not to be judged by the awe-inspiring light of its
leading comrade, but by the collective efforts of all of its members.

In the act of transforming our movement into a collectively led
organisation, in which the contribution of every member is respected
and which bases its trust in the ability of common working people to
confront difficulties and determine strategy and tactics to address
them, the Irish Republican Socialist Movement has accomplished the
greatest tribute possible to the genius and inspiration provided by
Seamus Costello. Marx, Engels, Connolly, and Costello all looked to
the working people of the world, and of Ireland, in order to
determine the way forward. From the working class, they drew out the
course that must be followed. If we are to achieve victory, it will
be by each and every member of this movement's rank-and-file
recognising her or his responsibility for the success and direction
of the movement. We demonstrate that we have benefited from the gift
history has given us when it brought forward these individuals of
greatness, when their inspiration allows us to see we are also
collectively capable of greatness.

The North American comrades of the Irish Republican Socialist
Movement join with our comrades and friends assembled today in Bray
to pay tribute to a man of exceptional greatness, Seamus Costello. We
also applaud the comrades assembled here this day for playing their
part in ensuring that contact with Costello's greatness was not
squandered. The most lasting and important tribute to the memory of
Seamus Costello possible, is the building and developing of the party
and army he helped to create into vital organisations in the service
of the working class people of Ireland. The IRSP and INLA are the
true monument to the memory of Seamus Costello. Comrades, let us
continue to build that monument.

North American Coordinator
Irish Republican Socialist Committees of North America

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