what really happened to the plane that went down in PA?

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Fri Sep 21 17:43:22 MDT 2001

Charles Brown wrote:

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> CB: The hijackers may have killed the pilot. Then if the remaining passengers overpowered the hijackers - not implausible if the hijackers only had small knives as weapons -, and killed the hijackers, then there wouldn't be anyone left who knew how to fly the plane , and it would crash.

I  was working on the assumption that the piloting hijacker(s) would
have locked the cockpit door, while the other 2 or 3 kept an eye on the
passengers.  If the passengers were then about to break down the door,
then the hijacker pilot --perhaps himself wounded-- might have
deliberately crashed the plane at that point.

However, I recall that some witnesses reported seeing the plane fly
erratically, even upside down, before diving at a about a 45* angle into
the ground, so what you suggest does make a good deal of sense.

- Juan
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