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September 11, 2001. USA. Shock. Mountains of steel and concrete falling,
Loss. Lives shattered in a moment. Searching for loved ones buried under
mountains of

Horror from the sky. 

A brown skinned woman stands at the Red Cross line holding a  picture of
her missing
husband. Her eyes scan the scene as if looking hard will bring him back.
A young blue
eyed man waits nervously for news of his lover. Hope turns to the
realization that
partners, friends and colleagues are gone. Snatched away by a conflict
that has brutally
intruded into daily life from the heavens. 

In an instant New York City reminds us of Baghdad, Belgrade, Sudan, the
West Bank,
Vietnam, Panama, Indonesia, Hiroshima, Vieques. 

The images flood our minds. Mothers running through the streets of
Baghdad with their
children as U.S. bombs fall like rain. Iraqi women watching their
children die because U.S.
bombs and sanctions have deliberately poisoned the water they need to
live. Families
carrying the coffins of sons taken out by made-in-U.S.A. rockets on the
West Bank.
Workers at a medicine factory picking through the rubble in Sudan left
by U.S. cruise
missiles. Scrambling for cover in Belgrade as U.S. bombs strike from the
air. Looking
through the stadium in Chile where thousands of former lovers, sons, and
daughters lay –
stilled forever by a coup made in Washington. Gasping with horror as the
firing squads of
the Indonesian army, with CIA lists of political opponents in their
pockets, massacre
hundreds of thousands, filling the rivers with the dead. 

Hiroshima, Vietnam, Baghdad. The war has come home. Even if the World
Trade Center
and the Pentagon were symbols of the financial and military power of
U.S. imperialism, the
reality is that many innocent people were killed as a result. 

And who is responsible? Who has put the masses in the U.S. in harms way? 

The U.S. power structure points the finger to the Middle East. But the
answer lies on U.S.
soil. These imperialists  -- who have perpetrated countless crimes and
rained havoc on
the people of the world through their relentless global exploitation and
their military
actions -- have created a situation where millions of people all around
the world hate the
government of the United States. 

       * * * * * 

As the dust clears from our eyes, the people in the most powerful
country in the world find
ourselves held hostage to the inevitable repercussions of the actions of
this U.S. power
structure and their bloody military machine. Now, besides the horrors
that they have
perpetuated against the people around the world -– horrors that 
multiply the tears shed
in NY and Washington a thousand times -- these cold-hearted imperialists
have called
forth the same kind of devastation in the belly of their own beast. 

And now they call on the people to support their retribution. They speak
of war and
justice. No. 

These hegemonic dominators do not have the right to continue on their
warpath. They
are the source of so much pain and suffering around the world. And their
current moves
to war and military actions -- against yet unnamed countries and targets
-- must be
actively opposed. 

Through the shock we seek the truth: Global exploiters and mass
murderers have no
right to retribution and they can only bring more destruction and
injustice. To join 
forces with them, to seek their protection, will only
encourage them to commit more crimes against the people of our planet. 

They show us pictures of Arab youth cheering in the streets of occupied
territory and ask
us to be horrified and seek revenge. But we need to ask why are people
in the Middle
East and other parts of the world celebrating the events of September
11: not because
innocent lives were lost, but because an arrogant power that has been
getting away with
murder and boasting of its invincibility has been shown to be

    * * * * * 

The rulers capitalize on our pain and ask the people to pray with them.
But as the people
remember our dead, what is the power structure doing? Unleashing more
war and police
state repression. Preying on the people of the world. 

They talk of protecting the people but all the while they are drawing up
lists of names,
carrying out raids, and putting vast new Big Brother measures into

They talk of ending terror, through war, and  ready their armed forces
to  bring about
great horrors. 

They want us to unite with them and wave their flag. No. 

In the tension of the present, we remember the lessons of history. While
they talk of
another Pearl Harbor, we are reminded of how the U.S. government played
on people’s
fear for their own safety to rally  support for rounding up the
confiscating their property and putting them in concentration camps. We
remember how
they tried to paint anyone who opposed them as giving aid and comfort to
the enemy. 

And remembering these crimes strengthens our resolve to prevent such
things from
happening again. We cannot be intimidated by the official and unofficial
pressure to line
up behind their war moves and their flag. We can see the logic of this
poison in the ugly 
threats and beatings coming down on Arab people. 

As people mourn lost loved ones, as we put our arms around each other,
all who
seriously want justice need to reach out to the people of the world – to
stand together
against the crimes of this system, to strengthen our resistance against
every act of war
and repression. 

And, as we build our resistance, we need to be crystal clear on the
nature of these
oppressors who are hurtling towards a new war: these arrogant lying
creatures do not
rule in the interests of the people of this country or the world. As
long as they continue in
power the horrors that come from their system will continue to rain from
the sky. 


Revolutionary Communist Party,USA 

September 14, 2001 

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