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David Altman altman_d at hotmail.com
Sat Sep 22 13:12:30 MDT 2001

A letter in the latest issue of "The Militant":

A sterile exposition

Buried somewhere in Martín Koppel's statement, one will find a perfunctory 
mention of the fact that
revolutionaries and class-conscious workers "reject" the methods used by 
those who destroyed the World Trade
Center towers and attacked the Pentagon.

Not one word of sympathy, not a single expression of condolence, for the 
thousands of ordinary working people
who died!

An appalling demonstration of sterile exposition, whose effect will be to 
persuade none and to win over none.

The substance of what the statement has to say is indeed correct. Yet, 
instead of educating and explaining, the
SWP has chosen to express its views with a declaratory shrillness, which is 
the hallmark of a lifeless sect.

John Rubinstein
London, United Kingdom

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