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Sat Sep 22 14:16:07 MDT 2001

I am translating something that reached me from someone in Patagonia.

Let us keep a minute silent...

If you are still horrified by the scenes of what happened on September 11, then keep silent
for ONE MINUTE as a hommage to the 10,000 Americans, most civilians, cowardly killed by
terrorists who are still unknown. And, since you are silent, please keep silence for still
another THIRTEEN MINUTES as a hommage to the 130,000 Iraqi civilians dead in 1991 on
the orders of Bush Sr. By the way, remind yourself that on that occassion, the Americans
were as gleeful as the Palestinians these last days... After that, keep silent for still other
TWENTY MINUTES, in honor of the Iranis killed by the Iraqis by means of weaponry and
money that had been given to Hussein (still young in those years) by the same Americans
who, later on, directed all their weaponry against him... And keep still silent for another
FIFTEEN MINUTES, in the honor of the 150,000 Russians and Afghans murdered by the
Talibans, also with weaponry and money provided by America... And keep silent for still TEN
MINUTES MORE, in the honor of the 100,000 Japanese directly or indirectly killed in
Hiroshima and Nagasaki, also due to direct action by the Eagle...

Now, if you have already done that, you have kept silent for ONE HOUR (ONE MINUTE for
the Americans, and FIFTY NINE for their victims...).

Perplexed? Then, keep silent for another complete hour, this time, in honor of the dead in
the Viet Nam war, which the Americans don't like to remember...

Let us hope (against all that the aggressivity indexes of Americans allow to believe) that
the Americans begin to understand that they are vulnerable too, and that the tragedies
that they generate are as barbarious  and cowardly as those that others create. The dead
of other peoples are as painful as theirs...

[My addition, NG: if one were to keep precise books on all the dead in American or
American-sponsored military or economic crimes, perhaps the minutes of a lifetime would
not be enough...]
Néstor Miguel Gorojovsky
gorojovsky at

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