Questions to Jose was Re: Nimda worm infects through email and web pages AUTOMATICALLY

dccarrol at UCSD.Edu dccarrol at UCSD.Edu
Sat Sep 22 21:14:59 MDT 2001

>"The safest thing, methinks, is to do is switch to Linux -- easier said
>than done though."
>Only anarchists and hobbyists use linux. If you want a useful computer
>with little worry about infectious diseases I'd suggest a mac.

>"I don't know... maybe we're obliged to use Windows out of principle.  We
can't be isolated from the working class.  When the working class is trapped
and forced to suffer, we have to go through the experience with them.  It's
like the draft.  We can't just escape to some utopian OS.


Lou Paulsen"<

That position "out of principle" seems really silly.  Linux and other free OSes
are tools that can be useful for Marxists and other activists.  Many of the
websites in which we, workers, and capitalists alike use everyday (if we are
lucky enough to have access) run on these tools.  Capitalism directly and
indirectly produces technologies that, if ethical, we should use for class
struggle.  Linux, for example, is a reaction to the monopolization of software
and its attendant effects.  While many write about it in utopian tools, most
people recognize it for what it is.  A computer tool that offers better
security and can be run on the oldest, cheapest, and sometimes most obscure
hardware.  I use Windows myself--right now I'm writing this on Notepad and
sending it on Internet Explorer--but I also use Linux, especially when I have a
network connection.  For certain tasks, Linux is better and a practical thing
to know about.  Perhaps you were being facetious, and I'm missing it.  And how
is it like the draft?  You mean if workers are drafted for a war, it's my
political duty to stay and be drafted, too?  I didn't know that was a Marxist

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